Give As You Take, This Time
11 May 2020

Life skill trainee from the Afghan life skill training center stitching face masks.
With my limited tailoring skills, I feel happy to help protect our refugee and host communities from the pandemic. Through this mask-making initiative. I would like to offer back to the community the gift of training JRS provided me, with my small gesture of preparing masks. Mrs. Sangpuii, Chin Refugee (Delhi)

Jesuit Refugee Service has joined the ‘Give As You Take, This Time’ UNHCR campaign against COVID-19 to express the solidarity of the refugee community with the host community, by providing masks to protect the host community, and reach out to the vulnerable refugee community. 

The female Chin and Afghan JRS tailoring graduates sew reusable masks for free distribution among the refugee as well as the host communities in and around Delhi. The initiative aims at generating income for the vulnerable refugee women amidst the lockdown and addressing their psychosocial needs by engaging them in a constructive outreach. JRS has provided 20 Chin and 8 Afghan refugee females raw materials for the production of masks.

Following lockdown protocols, the women sew masks at home and guarantee sterilization of masks before distribution. With UNHCR support, the refugee-community leaders arrange for the delivery of masks to refugees and their neighbours of the host community. This initiative helps the refugee women strengthen their self-esteem and dignity by using their skills to earn, while positively contributing to the wellbeing of the refugee and the host communities.

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