Youth Taking Lead in Addressing Psycho-social Needs
02 January 2020

One of the participant from the workshop enthusiastically involved in drawing.
The workshop has taught me not only to value but also to foster healthy human relationships, irrespective of cultural or ethnic differences.

Considering the psychosomatic needs of violence affected Afghan and Sri Lankan refugee youths, JRS SAS organized a five-day workshop on ‘Counselling & Art for Peace & Reconciliation’ from 27th to 31st December 2019 in Bangalore, India. Mr Clifford De Silva, Director of Goa Institute, Fr Roy SJ with Fr Sheise SJ from Loyola Institute of Peace and International Relations and Ms Biju, a Bangalore based artist facilitated the counseling, theater and art therapy sessions respectively. The workshop brought together 32 Afghan and Sri Lankan Tamil refugee youths enabling inter-cultural discourse. Trainings on para-counseling therapies like- Person/Client Centered Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Eye Movement Integration (EMI) were given to the Afghan youth participants. Therapeutic art and theater techniques’ training were imparted to Sri Lankan Tamil youths through nature walk and self-reflection exercises. Group activities like – storytelling, energizers, face-painting, mirror acting brought both the youth groups together for mutual learning.Lessons through role-plays were found confidence boosting and therapeutic by the youths. It developed their ability to practice empathy, active listening and intercultural tolerance. The youths received appreciation by the facilitators. They felt better prepared to offer quick therapies to address phobia or PTSD and find suitable solutions to social issues to nurture inclusive and harmonious society.

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