Accompanying Afghan refugees towards self-reliance
22 November 2019

Student of tailoring class.
JRS skill training center has helped me gain needful skills in tailoring and utilize my time productively. It also gives me a chance to bond with women from my community. - Sakina, tailoring student.

New Delhi, 10 Nov 2019: As per the UNHCR, twenty-five hundred persons on an average every year seek refuge in Delhi metropolitan, India because of the ongoing violence in Afghanistan. Many Afghans land in India with limited life-sustaining resources that get exhausted shortly given the high living cost of Delhi city. Absence of legal protection, language barrier, unstable financial resources and lack of market-oriented skills have led to unaccounted indebtedness among them. Small-job seekers are often exposed to exploitative workplace conditions. The plight of Afghan urban-refugees is multi-faced. Afghan women, especially single women are even vulnerable as they are struggling in a foreign land to meet the basic needs of their families. Due to cultural practices, most Afghan women lack job experience despite being a traditional artisan. JRS conducted a need assessment for Afghan urban-refugee women which revealed how skill enhancement training could motivate Afghan women to develop their traditional skills and attain self-reliance. Aiming to address the socio-economic needs of the vulnerable Afghan women, JRS began its ‘Skill Training’ center on 19th October 2019 in New Delhi, India. Assisted by two qualified trainers, two batches of twenty-six Afghan women are presently enrolled at this center. Through this six-months JRS tailoring course, the Afghan women are receiving basic entrepreneurial training and getting prepared to meet the contemporary needs of the potential market. This JRS initiative, prepares the urban refugees living in protracted situations, to rebuild their lives either in the host country or in the country of resettlement. It is preparing them to develop resilience through social support networks; it is also generating awareness on refugee rights, peace and reconciliation practices and enabling them to re-imagine a dignified life.

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