Capacity Building for Psycho-social support in Herat
20 November 2019

Participants in the workshop.
"As I acted to be a counselee, I did not only learn more about myself but also acquired new skills of finding the right solutions for my problems; this would enable me to understand the counselees too. Through counseling, I will be able to help the counselee to understand the best-suited options for treatment". - Ziba Rezaee, participant.

Herat, 24 Oct 2019: The prolonged violence, poverty, lack of opportunities in Afghanistan has resulted in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among the majority of the population especially children and adolescents. This is a great challenge for an under-resourced welfare system of Afghanistan. JRS Afghanistan’s key focus is the integral development of children/youth through its education programs. Thus, JRS-Herat organized a six-days para-counseling training workshop for 58 (23 female and 35 male) school and college teachers, in 3-batches, from 19th to 24th October 2019. Mr. Clifford Desilva (India) and Mr. Quentin Dignam (Australia) guided the training workshop. The training focused on counseling techniques such as- active listening, empathy, releasing repressed feelings, relaxation therapy, self-reflection, counselee confrontations, and core counseling skills especially on psychosocial support for traumatized children and youth. To gain practical experience in para counseling, the participants conducted several role-plays. The training observed active participation from all the trainees. The training initiated JRS Afghanistan's formal intervention in psycho-social support to the children/youth.

"It is important for you to empathize rather than sympathize with counseling. A counselor must provide different options to the client to help them decide for themselves. Confidentiality is an important element of counseling; you need to win the trust of your counselee to enable them to express their feelings. The workshop has paved the way for me to counsel my students in a constructive way".

- Firooz Amiri, Participant

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