Konkur achievers from Afghanistan – an Impressive and Incredible strides
15 September 2019

Konkur class

“Our distance from success depends upon how firm are we to achieve our set goals and plan. A goal must not be only for self, it has to be for the good of the whole nation”,

said Abdul Bashir who has scored 328.64 out of 360 in the Konkur Exam, possibly securing the second position in the Bamiyan Province. Abdul is set to live his dream to become a Civil Engineer and serve his war-torn country. Due to the lack of basic educational facilities and qualified teachers, each year a large number of school-going children are forced to drop out after failing to qualify the Konkur examination (national university eligibility test). The scores of Konkur examination determine the selection of courses by students for their higher education. JRS committed to the education of youth, prepare students for Konkur Examination, along with other courses. Innovative teaching methods are used to teach complex concepts. Regular class-tests, model test papers ensure the systematic preparation of the students. In the year 2018-19, a total of 1034 JRS students appeared for the Konkur Exam out of which 913 students cleared the exam. Many students have scored above 300 out of the total score of 360. The class, teachers at JRS and study material which we are provided, are important resources to crack Konkur, but our sheer hard work is necessary”, Abdul added.

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