Shaikhmeran Celebration of Peace Day
26 September 2019

Peace Day celebration

In a far-flung remote area Shaikhmeran, located to the South East of the Daikundi province in Afghanistan, JRS celebrated the International Day of Peace on September 21, 2019. Children from the Shaikhmeran’s Boys and Girls High school actively participated in this program with much enthusiasm. On this occasion, the Afghan Development Association, an organization working with the children sent gifts for the participating students. The ceremony was conducted in a very peaceful, joyful, and meaningful manner. The Governor of Ashterlay, Director of Education, NDS (National Defence Security) department, School principals from all the JRS ‘Each One Teach Some’ centers, were present during the celebration. The officials shared their thoughts and commitment to bring peace with the students. The schoolteachers, community elders, and parents were also present among the participants. The program on ‘Peace and Reconciliation’ symbolized hope for the better and brighter future for the participants and the community of Shaikhmeran.

“Peace education helps me to recognize kindness, respect, and honesty. It has helped me to keep away from conflict while preserving our rights. It has also encouraged me to respect people, listen respectfully to what others say, and bring order into society to prevent conflict” - Sahar a peace program student. 

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