Fostering Peace through Child Rights
25 September 2019

Peace Day celebration

Various representatives of CSOs, elders of the community, school and university students, Shura members, and JRS students at Shokofan, Rawashan and Andisha villages of the Herat province, witnessed the celebration of the International Peace Day. More than 250 people at each location participated in the celebration and resonated at a similar wavelength for peacebuilding in their communities. The Peace Day celebration for 2019 was themed on the Child Rights to address and advocate for the right to equality, adequate nutrition, special protection and free education for children. The role plays, articles, paintings, anthems, and speeches by the children at the celebrations brought out the importance of reconciliation, compatibility, friendship, peacebuilding and compromise as a necessity for the community. Symbolically, releasing peace balloons, peace chants and poems were used as a gesture to vow the commitment of the community to peace. SOACS, a JRS Afghanistan’s partner organization, organized Peace day celebration at Ghawsnan High School through the School Peace Committee by conducting peace shows, role-plays and games at this event. As an expression of peace, pigeons were released to commemorate freedom and peace. The principal of the school appreciated the peace program and spoke about the importance of peace in society and expressed the commitment of the Ghawsanan High School towards fostering peace and bring about reconciliation

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