Clown Science Dreams PSS tranining
20 September 2019

PSS training for CFS staff

JRS organized a 10 days’ workshop for Child-Friendly Space (CFS), Psychosocial Support Service (PSS) and Women Friendly Space (WFS) facilitators, conducted by Clown Science Dream from September 9-18, 2019. The training focused on enabling the facilitators of CFS-PSS-WFS to improve the quality of their work with children, women, and youth at the CFS-PSS-WFS. The training was to capacitate the CFS-PSS-WFS team members to make their daily sessions interesting, joyous and promote a positive learning experience. The sessions on Scientific Learning Methods and Art of Clown Science Dreams/Skills, Piaget’s theory of the stages of child cognitive development and Educational methodology of Montessori helped the participants to gain greater learning experience to understand the children/youth/women and meaningfully engage them in various learning activities. Jaume and Mayra also had face-to-face interactions with children at all the 11 CFS which resulted in a positive impact on the psychosocial wellbeing of these children. In addition, field-based training enthused the CFS facilitators to implement the different methods adopted to conduct exercises and games with the children of various age groups. The entire CFS, PSS and WFS teams felt enriched, equipped and empowered by new skills and ideas received through the training, and foreseeing the better implementation of the CFS activities and sessions.

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