Feast for Peace
24 September 2019

Peace Day celebration

On September 13, 2019, JRS celebrated the International Day of Peace with the Afghan and Chin Refugee community living in Delhi. In a world that is increasingly tilting towards violence and hate, sharing food can break cultural and religious barriers; that it has a role to play in conflict resolution, was the rationale behind this event which was served on its implementation. A feast for Peace was conducted to facilitate the interaction between the Chin and Afghan communities. Children welcomed the elders and their friends with a peace ribbon and also decorated the place to ensure a more peaceful and friendlier environment at the centre. People from both the communities had come to cook together, share their traditional food recipes, eat together and share their stories and their life journey with each other. Children danced to their favourite music and also developed a special bond of friendship through dance and music. Not often do refugees get to interact with a different community; the event served its purpose to encourage the communities to forget their differences and come together in unity and love to spread Peace. The Global Feast is a simple and profound expression of peace that everyone, no matter how humble or blessed their circumstances, can connect with and enliven the global celebration. A feast for peace!

“In my life, I never got the chance to mingle with different communities and experience such activities; this is the first time in fifteen years of my stay in New Delhi and I really enjoyed my day”  MC Dynasty, a student from cooking class

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