Youth, Sports and Peace: Building bridges in conflicts through Sport
23 September 2019

Viewers encouraging the players during the tournament.

September 21-22 marked the celebration of the International Day of Peace by JRS in Bamiyan. As a strategy, sports was chosen as a medium to communicate the message of Peace on day one of the events, at Shahid Mazari Stadium. Elocution and Peace show were used to express the message of Peace at Human Rights Commission Hall, Mullaghulam. The day of the International Day of Peace saw the football and volleyball teams uniting together to communicate the message of peace. Eight football teams of boys and ten volleyball teams of girls, well-coordinated their efforts to promote values of peace and harmony through their game. The sportspersons spirit hovered all through the day while keeping the message of peace at its core. Peace show performances were heart touching and strongly communicating the message for need of peace. The elocution completion saw a series of eloquent speakers expressing their views on the processes adapted for peacebuilding in the communities. A strong sense of commitment and conviction was expressed by the students in their presentations in various forms.

“From the time I have joined JRS, I have learned many things besides learning the English language. I have learned how to live in a society and how to deal with people. Now, I find myself more active and it interests me to work with people to make them aware of various social issues.”  - Lena , JRS student


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