Beyond the Identity of a Refugee - JRS-UNHCR team
14 August 2019

JRS - UNHCR team in action.

Chennai, 11 August 2019: It gives us pleasure to share about the energetic and spirited participation of Sri Lankan Tamil refugee youth in the third OSCAT premier football league, held in Chennai on Sunday 11th August 2019. JRS-UNHCR team along with other six competent ambassador teams representing the countries - India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, participated in a football league. The JRS- UNHCR team was represented by the youth of the Gummidipoondi refugee camp located in Tamil Nadu state, India.

The UNHCR took the initiative of providing an exceptional opportunity to the JRS supported refugee youths, to exhibit their talents by participating in the league. The generous support and constant encouragement from the UNHCR enabled our team to give a tough competition to the opponent teams by performing extraordinarily. The JRS-UNHCR team could not win the game, but they certainly won the hearts of many spectators gathered in the game field. Most of our players expressed how proud they felt when the organizers called on by their team name. They felt a sense of dignity by being identified as a distinct team amidst six different countries. By displaying their incredible talents, while playing against competent teams from various countries, the refugee youth reclaimed their identity beyond camps.

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