Graduation of the Chin trainees
30 June 2018

Traditional Chin Performance during the Graduation Ceremony

New Delhi, 22 June 2018: This year’s Graduation Day Program for the Chin refugees was organized at St Francis De Sales School, Janakpuri West. It was a matter of great pride for all the staff and students since it was the first time this program was organized outside the JRS Life Skills Training Center, Chanakya Place. Honoured guests from the school, from Jindal Global University, Indian Social Institute, Jesuit Conference of South Asia, and Jesuits in Social Action graced the celebrations.

Pari, a 27-year old trainee, explained how the beautician’s course taught her many new skills, which she would like to pass on to her daughter. She plans to continue with the advanced course and intends starting a small beauty care salon at home to cater to the Chin community women.

Zuali, the basic tailoring course teacher, was nervous and excited to sing on stage in English along with her students. She was very proud of how hard they had all trained for the big day.

The enthusiastic graduates of the tailoring and embroidery courses plan to start small scale business initiatives and market their products like shirts, blouses, bed-sheets, pillow covers etc. among the community, friends and relatives and also abroad, thus inspiring other women to do the same.

Gabi, a computer class graduate, shared his experiences and how grateful he was for the opportunity to learn computer skills, which would help him find a job in the city.

Dr. Jessica Field, professor with Jindal Global University, delivered the graduation day message of hope and confidence, and encouraged the students to continue pursuing their dreams. The trainees and staff of the JRS center organized a cultural program, which included a wide variety of traditional Chin dances, and songs in English and their native Mizo language. The women, dressed in their traditional costumes, were thrilled to perform on stage for the very first time in their lives.

- Steffi Ebnett

Project Director

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