Bonding with love: Women’s day celebration
08 March 2018

Chin Refugee mothers and young women during Women's Day celebration ( Jovin George/JRS)

Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.

-          Mother Teresa

New Delhi, 8 March 2018- On the eve of women’s day, the JRS team organized a fun-filled day with games, music and dancing for the Chin refugee women from the JRS training center where they learn various life skills. The program was conducted at a nearby district park. The women, even those carrying infants on their backs, participated whole-heartedly in the games.

The day began with a short prayer, followed by a group song by the women. The project director then gave a brief message encouraging the women never to lose hope and confidence in themselves, no matter how hard the circumstances.

For the group games, the women were divided into 5 teams. Each had a name and a slogan of inspiring Chin women whom they felt made an impact within their community. The team games included common ones such as marble and spoon race, toothpick and grapes, passing the parcel etc.

Hrinneimawi, one of the beautician course trainees, shared how much she enjoyed the day as it was a break she rarely gets from her routine of housework and looking after the children.

There were also many other games to create a sense of friendship and sharing among the women who come to the JRS center for various training courses. After the games, the women were keen to dance and made sure all the JRS team members joined in the celebration.

Pari, a basic-level tailoring student, said that the gathering and games helped her make new friends with women from other courses that she sees at the center but has never really spoken to before.

                                                                                       -Steffi Ebnett, Project Director

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