Beautician Course for the Chin Refugee Women
07 March 2018

JRS Beautician Class for Chin Refugee Women (Jovin George/JRS)

On January 29, 2018, JRS started a Beautician Course, a new skills training initiative at the JRS Chin Center, Chanakya Place. Only twelve trainees could be enrolled for the first batch, though many more applied. After the 3-month basic course, the trainees will be provided advance-level training for another 3 months.

JRS launched this new training initiative after the JRS team learned from a needs assessment and home visits that the refugee women were keen on a Beautician Course. They all felt that it would help them become more self-reliant. Many have plans to work from home or open their own salons after completing the course.

Mimi a student of the course completed her advanced tailoring training in 2017 at the JRS centre. She loves learning new skills and is grateful to JRS for the opportunity to continue her passion for gaining knowledge, as a refugee living in Delhi.

The Course trainer is 22-year old Aduhi, a Chin refugee herself.  One of her ambitions in life is to become a professional beautician and to pass on her skills to the Chin community. In this way, she wants to make a difference in the lives of the women she teaches, making them confident and motivating them pursue their dreams.

Mary, a 34-year old trainee,  explains that the Beautician Course provides plenty of room for creativity and experimentation, which will help her improve her skills, which she would like to pass on to her daughter.

- Steffi Ebnett

  Project Director, Urban Refugee Project

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