Quality Education - A Gift to Afghanistan
08 April 2014

Students' un-forgetful moment of English Programme Inauguration

Afghanistan: 21 March 2014 – “Unfortunately my brother did not allow me to realize my dream of interacting with people of other countries,” said Basin from Kabul.  She still recalls the day when her JRS teacher first came to her school and invited students above the age of 13 desiring to join the English language classes. She was one of the successful students, who was selected for the English Access Program.

The Access Program provides a foundation in English language skills to bright but economically disadvantaged students between 13-20 years. This two-year program aims at developing youth leadership and a greater appreciation of cultural differences among the participants, coupled with a competence in English language skills, that enables them to take advantage of opportunities to access quality education that they have been deprived of. 

JRS reaches out to economically disadvantaged students with a minimal knowledge of English to help them acquire fluency and communication strategies through intensive training sessions, meaningful interaction and group learning. Adhering to its mission, JRS ensures that weak students can also compete in the selection process by providing them personal guidance, accompaniment and training in creative communication skills.

“I did not know the ABC of English. Thanks to my JRS teachers, who were very patient and kind enough to start from scratch, today I can communicate easily in English. Their approach and training was excellent. My JRS teachers are so very special, that I can never forget them,” says Basin. 

The JRS is an international NGO working in 57 countries for refugees, returnees and internally displaced persons. Since 2005, JRS has been implementing educational and livelihoods programs in Herat, Bamiyan, Kabul and Daikundi Provinces of Afghanistan. The primary focus of the JRS is capacity building through education: training of trainers in schools, teaching at university level, providing youth at the margins with quality English language training, and supporting non-formal and vocational skills training.

Today more than 4,000 enthusiastic youth benefit from the ongoing intensive winter English language training programs being carried out by JRS across Afghanistan, in Kabul, Herat, Bamiyan and Daikundi. Quality education is truly a gift to Afghanistan, which has suffered over 30 years of conflict.
Girls, who were denied access to education during the Taliban regime, are given priority in the JRS English language programs. 
“With the help of JRS training and support, I passed a scholarship examination to study in a foreign country for a month. Unfortunately, my family did not approve. Recently, after my successful graduation from grade XII, I applied for the undergraduate program offered by an international university in Kabul. To my great dismay, my family, once again, did not allow me to pursue my studies,” Basin narrates sadly.  But there is still a smile on her face, as she confidently states, “I am not upset. This is the life story of many young Afghan girls like me. As long as JRS supports me, I will not give up hope. I will try again, and believe that one day I will succeed in my efforts.”
Names have been changed to protect the identity of the person involved.

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