She will not return to her country
25 October 2013

A proud moment for Jamaisha
"As a young woman, trying to support myself alone in Delhi, i know i am vulnerable," says Jamaisha.
New Delhi, 25 October - Jamaisha could not believe that she could tailor a shirt all by herself. While she felt a sense of achievement, she was sorry she could not share the joy of her new life skill with her family.

Jamaisha is a young Chin woman who, like many thousands, fled to India to escape persecution in Burma. Today she does not know if her family is still alive or safe. In the Chin state in north-west Burma she had been tortured by the Burmese military and fled to India leaving her old parents, two brothers and three sisters behind. 

JRS Reach-out. As a young woman, trying to support herself alone in India, Jamaisha knew she was vulnerable. Without an education, language skills, a visa or work permit, she moved from the border to New Delhi looking for a job, and finally reached Delhi with a few of her friends who had also fled from Burma.

Learning about JRS in Delhi, Jamaisha enrolled in their informal vocational training centre, where she found women of different ages learning tailoring and English. Very soon she excelled as a student. Jamaisha says she is happy today that she found JRS and can continue to learn tailoring and English, which will help her earn a better income.

She will not return to her country for fear of being tortured again. She misses her family and hopes to see them one day, though she does not know when.
(Names have been changed to protect the person’s identity)
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