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The Right Action at the Right Time

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Legal Rights of Refugees in India
For decades now India has been home to a large number of refugee groups while not having signed the 1951 Convention for Refugees or established a national legislation governing refugees.

This position paper examines the policies enacted by the Indian government often on a bilateral basis towards the important number of people seeking asylum in Indian territory. It emphasizes the different treatment accorded to the diverse refugee groups resulting from the absence of a national legal framework dealing with them.
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Top marks for the Bhutanese Refugee Education Programme
An estimated 100,000 southern Bhutanese of Nepalese origin, known as Lhotshampas, left Bhutan in the early nineties. Their flight was the result of a "one nation, one people" campaign by the Bhutanese government, which enacted discriminatory laws that stripped many Lhotshampas of their citizenship.

The education programme of the Bhutanese refugees was born at the very beginning of their exile, in 1991, on the Mai bank, when teachers and members of the Student Union of Bhutan gathered children under the trees and started to teach.
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Side By Side
The essays and reflections in these pages are full of insights but they are not the last word on the subject. Far from it: their real aim is to encourage you, as a JRS team member, to step deeper into the world of accompaniment, to reflect on your own experience and to share your insights with others. This book is only a means to this end. The measure of its success will be how far it manages to stimulate new ways of thinking about and appreciating accompaniment, and of making it more than ever an integral part of our mission.
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Chin Refugees in Delhi, Realities and Challenges
This report examines the realities and challenges facing the ethnic Chin refugee populations living in Delhi.

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